It all began for Artist Clayton Liotta when he was found by a band of Gypsies, as an infant, by the side of the road, under a squashed cabbage leaf.

Growing up amongst these kind hearted peoples, he was taught the ancient art of broom making. He spent countless hours weaving straw into brooms and listening to stories told by tribal elders about the world beyond the roving caravans.

Much of his free time was spent daydreaming and by taking bits of unused straw and, using them as makeshift pencils, drawing in the dirt…An artist was born!

When finally old enough, he left the gypsy camp and made his way to seek fame and fortune as an artist amid the bright lights, cheeseburgers, French fries, and cable TV that he had heard so much about!

As the years passed however, Clayton came to realize that the glamorous, big city life didn't really suit him. And he yearned to be back amongst the forests and streams of his youth.

So packing up his wife (whom he had met years earlier while she was sitting on a mushroom) they made their way back to the country and raised a family.

And it is there, decades later, that he can still be found, in his New Milford CT Studio, living quietly!